About Us

Spring Creek Utility District is government entity, overseen by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Spring Creek Utility District was officially formed in 1971. It was formed as a tool to finance necessary construction and maintenance of water, sewer and storm drainage infrastructure with its boundaries. The Spring Creek Utility District includes the following neighborhoods: Forest Village, Fox Run, Legends Run, Lockeridge Farms, and Spring Creek Pines. Today, in Harris County alone, there are over 400 separate utility districts.

How It Works:

Spring Creek Utility District is governed by five board members who were elected by residents within the district. Each board member serves for four years. The board meets once a month to manage and conduct the business of the district and these meetings are always open to the public, per Texas law. As is typically done, Spring Creek Utility District contracts with consultants such as attorneys, engineers, bookkeepers, operators, and financial advisors to both guide and deliver the district's operations and services.

Services We Provide:

Spring Creek Utility District provides water, wastewater, and drainage infrastructure improvements for the district. In addition, Spring Creek Utility District provides garbage and recycling collection services, maintenance of Fox Run Park and Lockridge Farms Storm Water Park, as well as safety patrol services for the district.

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