Free Vacation Watch!

November 22, 2023 3:47 pm

Did you know?

As as resident of Spring Creek Utility District you have access to free vacation watches by Mongomery County Precinct 3.

you can request a vacation watch at no cost to you. While away from your residence, Deputies will patrol the area and keep a watchful eye on your home.

Please leave detailed information about your home such as:

  • Will you be leaving any lights on in the home?
  • Do you have any pets staying in the home?
  • Is there an alarm system and if so, will it be armed?
  • Have you authorized anyone to come into your home?
  • Are you leaving any vehicles at your home?
  • Is there a secondary contact we can reach out to in case we are unable to reach you?

To request a vacation watch from Montgomery County Precinct, click here to fill out a vacation watch form

Please remember to update Harris County Precinct 3 of any changes such as additional people coming to your residence or changes in date of departure or return.

Tips for the home while you’re away:

  • Inform the alarm company of your departure and make Harris County Precinct 3 the first contact while you are away from home, as this will save valuable time in getting law enforcement to your residence.
  • Have lights on timers, as having lights on around the clock is a sign no one is home.
  • Leave a parked car in the driveway with no valuables inside.
  • Make arrangements for your pets whether it be someone coming to your home to walk and feed them, a boarding facility, or having them stay with a trusted family member or friend. Make sure your pet’s information such as ID tags and collars, microchips are up to date and give a list of emergency contact information about your pet such as preferred veterinarian, updated shot records, and other medical information with the authorized person(s) watching your pet.
  • Finding a trusted person to house sit is one of the best ways to avoid your home looking empty.
  • Find an emergency contact that can be called in case you cannot be reached.

Extra Patrol

For patrols on a specific street or block, residents can put in that information into the system and the details why they are asking for extra patrols in their area. The extra patrols and vacation watches are done randomly to not create a pattern. To request additional patrols in your area, click here.

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