Spring Creek UD: Stage Two Drought Contingency Plan Update

November 29, 2023 4:08 pm

The Districts (Spring Creek UD, Montgomery County MUD 88 & Montgomery County MUD 89) currently operate four water wells at our three Water Plants to provide water to all its customers. These Water Plants are shared in ownership with Montgomery County MUD 88 and Montgomery County MUD 89. The District has three water wells which pump from the Evangeline Aquifer and one from the Jasper Aquifer. Historically in the District, the water produced from the three Evangline water wells has produced superior water quality compared to the water produced from the Jasper water well.

Due to the drought and increased water usage, our well production continues to increase year over year. Over the years, we have seen continued decline of the Evangline Aquifer water levels and thus have recently been forced to lower the pumping equipment for one of our water wells approximately 100-feet. Even though the recent rainfall has reduced the drought conditions in Montgomery County, this was certainly not enough to start replenishing the aquifer level. Consequently, the Districts have jointly decided to maintain the current level of water restrictions (stage 2…) and we invite our residents to continue using water conservatively.

In order to try and conserve our Evangeline water wells, the District will begin increasing the production of the Jasper water well, which has a different water quality than the Evangeline wells. If you have any questions or concerns about the water quality, please contact the District’s Operator, Municipal Operations & Consulting, at (281) 367-5511.

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