March 2024 Quarterly Newsletter

March 12, 2024 5:22 pm

What causes drought?

A drought is simply caused when a period of drier than normal conditions result in water related issues such as shortages. While precipitation can vary in a particular location year to year, over a period of years it is fairly constant and somewhat predictable. When little to no rain falls, soils dry out, plants dry, or sometimes die out. Rainfall can be less than ideal over periods of weeks to years, resulting in declines in water levels in lakes, reservoirs, and wells. If the dry spell continues, it can become a drought.

Why doesn’t a drought end when it rains?

Rainfall of any kind can provide some aid to drought conditions, but a few days of good rain is often not enough to alleviate weeks or months of a long dry spell. While a single rainstorm might not break a drought it can provide temporary relief. Soaking rains are ideal for alleviating drought conditions. Water that enters the soil can penetrate to the groundwater, which intern helps sustain vegetation and replenishes streams. It often takes multiple heavy rains over a period of several months to break a drought and return conditions to normal.

What Stage is Spring Creek in?

Spring Creek Utility District is in Stage 2: Mandatory Water Shortage Restrictions. For more information on how you can do your part click here.

Why are we still in Stage 2?

Due to the drought and increased water usage, our well production continues to increase year after year. Over the years, we have seen a continued decline of the Evangeline Aquifer water levels and thus have recently been forced to lower the pumping equipment for one of our water wells by approximately 100 feet. Even though the recent rainfall has reduced the drought conditions in Montgomery County, this was certainly not enough to start replenishing the aquifer level. Consequently, the Districts Spring Creek Utility District, Montgomery County Utility District 88 and Montgomery County Utility District 89, have jointly decided to maintain the current level of water restrictions (stage 2) and we invite our residents to continue using water conservatively.

Spring Creek Utility District has previously undergone converting the district to Smart Meters in 2017,by partnering with Municipal Operations & Consulting and Accurate Meter to bring these devices to the district. Smart meters and related technologies are a great tool for water conservation, and greatly improve our water system's operational efficiency. The District’s goal is lowering water loss due to leaks, visibility of water usage trends, and immediate reporting and handling of problems that may arise.

Benefits to the Consumer

  • Accurate meter read - only pay for your usage.
  • Proactive water conservation.
  • Access to usage data (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Set up warnings/alerts (high usage, continuous usage or leaks).

Early leak detection is the key to keeping your monthly bill low and correct to your water usage. Residents who use the EyeOnWater app are more likely to detect leaks before they see the increase in fees on their monthly bill.

Learn more about your Smart Water Meter here!

Sign Up today on and download the app today.


Below is a list of some of the major projects currently considered by the District. More details will be provided on the website in the near future.

  • Water Plant #3
  • Sewer Line Repairs in Fox Run
  • Reclaimed Water Project (Purple pipes)
  • District Community Building
  • Drainage Improvement in Fox Run

For more information on current construction updates and projects going on in Spring Creek Utility District, visit the website here.

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