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Spring Creek UD's primary function is to provide the construction and maintenance of water, sewer, and storm drainage infrastructure within boundaries.

In an effort to improve and maintain community infrastructure, we ask our residents to inform us of issues observed within the District.

What are we requesting?

We're asking residents to report utility district specific issues observed in the District. The faster an issue is reported, the faster it can be investigated and addressed.

Where do I report?

For Public Safety Emergencies, dial 911

For other public safety, nuisance, or vandalism issues residents should contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number (936) 760-5800

For Water and Wastewater Emergencies, call MOC’s 24-hour emergency line at (281) 367-5511

To Report Water or Wastewater Issues


Have you noticed standing or flowing water in an area of your neighborhood that doesn’t belong there? What about a busted water line or sprinkler gushing into the street?

  • Water/Wastewater Issues
  • Discolored water
  • Low pressure or vacuum in water lines
  • Sunken or elevated manhole covers
  • Flooded storm drains
  • Strong odors from sewer or water
  • Sewage backup

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