Board Meetings

Meeting Schedule:

Spring Creek Utility District has regularly scheduled board meetings that take place every 3rd Monday of every month at 5:00pm at 25003 Pitkin Rd, D600, Spring, TX 77386. They are public meetings, and residents are welcome to attend.

Residents of the district have the right to request the designation of a meeting location within the district under Section 49.062(g), Water Code. A description of this process can be found here.

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Regular Meeting
Jul 15, 2024 10:00 PM

Agenda114 kB

Regular Meeting
Jun 17, 2024 10:00 PM

Agenda116 kB

Special Meeting
Jun 3, 2024 11:00 PM

Agenda127 kB

Special Meeting
May 30, 2024 10:00 PM

Agenda135 kB
Minutes155 kB

Regular Meeting
May 20, 2024 10:00 PM

Agenda116 kB
Minutes159 kB

Special Meeting
Apr 22, 2024 9:30 PM

Agenda102 kB

Regular Meeting
Apr 15, 2024 10:00 PM

Agenda120 kB

Regular Meeting
Mar 18, 2024 10:00 PM

Agenda112 kB

Special Meeting (JFAC)
Feb 29, 2024 11:30 PM

Agenda107 kB

Regular Meeting
Feb 19, 2024 11:00 PM

Agenda118 kB
Minutes158 kB

Regular Meeting
Jan 23, 2024 12:00 AM

Agenda119 kB
Minutes184 kB

Cancelled Regular Meeting
Jan 15, 2024 11:00 PM

Agenda118 kB

Special Meeting
Jan 2, 2024 10:00 PM

Agenda175 kB
Minutes137 kB
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